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The Vista Place Team

Joanne Carswell

B.P.E., B.M.R. (P.T.), F.C.A.M.T., MCISc

Joanne Carswell began her education at the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Physical Education, following that she completed her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy. In 2001 Joanne completed her Advanced Orthopaedic Exam through the National Orthopaedic Division. In 2011 she completed a Masters of Clinical Science through Western University in London Ontario.

Joanne is the owner and manager of Vista Place Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre in Winnnipeg, MB. She is accredited to do acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada and has taken Golkavi Transverse Technique Dry Needling for myofascial pain.

Joanne is an instructor and an examiner for the National Orthopaedic Division for postgraduate physiotherapy courses and an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba School of Medical Rehabilitation. She has a strong interest in injury prevention and works with teams to screen for injury risks and provide individual programs.

Joanne believes in an active approach with her clients and uses a combination of manipulation, myofascial release, exercise and education to give them the knowledge to prevent further injuries and learn self care.

Joanne has taken Concussion Rehabilitation Acute Management of Sport-Related Concussion, Concussion Rehabilitation, Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome and Advanced Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome. Joanne has also taken Vestibular Rehabilitation, A Comprehensive Approach.

In 2016 Joanne attended the Emory Institute for Vestibular Rehabilitation Training. Considered the gold standard of vestibular rehabilitation the course was an intensive full week with sessions covering all aspects of vestibular assessment and treatment with practical and written exams. This knowledge combined with her knowledge of the cervical spine and how it contributes to dizziness allows for a thorough examination of all factors that may be contributing to a clients vertigo/dizziness.

Barb Hadath

B.A., B.M.R. (P.T.), F.C.A.M.T.

Barb completed her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in 1998 and has been busy ever since. Barb has sat as secretary treasurer for the Manitoba branch of the Sports Physiotherapy Division and is currently on the Orthopaedic Division Executive. Barb has successfully completed her Advanced Orthopaedic Exam. This exam examines one’s knowledge in the assessment and treatment of the spine and the extremities. This exam assesses one’s knowledge and skill in spinal manipulation. Spinal Manipulation is utilized to regain joint mobility and is often the first step in spinal care, followed by patient instruction in stabilization exercise and prevention. We do not believe in regular “adjustments” as part of general health care maintenance. It is our belief that the patient should be given resources, which they can use to reduce their own pain and not become dependant on long term repeated courses of manual therapy. She has continued to upgrade her knowledge and education by participating in courses provided by many world-class leaders in the field of physiotherapy. Barb also has her acupuncture accreditation from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada. She is a novice bodybuilder. She is able to share her knowledge of health and fitness with many. Barb is an assistant for courses offered through the National Orthopaedic Division of Canada.

Haley Stenberg

B.M.R. (P.T.)

Haley graduated with her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation from the University of Manitoba. Prior to her degree, she had competed three years in the field of Kinesiology. She decided her passion for physiotherapy at an early age and had volunteered and worked in a physiotherapy clinic since the age of 15.

Since graduating, she has achieved her Acupuncture accreditation and is pursuing her levels in Orthopedic Education. She has also taken courses for the shoulder and ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation. She enjoys devoting time to volunteer in sport with soccer, football, volleyball, the Physio Fit Run, MS Bike Tours and more. In her spare time she enjoys running, playing women’s soccer, coaching and playing the piano.

Kim Champagne


Kim graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2013, where she majored in kinesiology, with a Bachelor of Arts. In 2015, Kim graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

Kim became interested in physical therapy as a career early on due to an active sporting life and a few bouts of physiotherapy treatment herself. She became a physiotherapy aid at Vista Place Physiotherapy in 2011 and worked here for three years prior to beginning and while pursuing her Master’s degree.

Kim is very interested in the field of orthopedic physiotherapy and is pursuing her levels within the orthopedic education system after successfully challenging the level 1 exam. Since graduating, Kim has obtained her certification in acupuncture and has taken various courses related to assessment and treatment of various injuries. She is the secretary/treasurer of Sports Physiotherapy Canada – Manitoba Division, a national classifier for wheelchair rugby in Canada, and enjoys volunteering her time to promote the profession of physiotherapy throughout the city. In her spare time, she continues to play ringette, women’s league volleyball, beach volleyball, and slo-pitch softball.

Sharon Pearson

Massage Therapist - RMT, M.T.A.M.