Post Concussion Assessment and Treatment

Most concussions heal in 7-14 days however children/adolescents are known to have longer recovery periods up to 30 days.

There are those that persist past this point with ongoing symptoms. This can be for various reasons, a concussion injury not only affects the brain but can also injure the joints in the neck, the muscles of the neck, the inner ear and the brainstem affecting the control of eye movements and balance. These areas can cause dizziness, headache, difficulties with focusing on objects and motion sickness.

Because of this, it is important following a concussion to get a thorough assessment to determine what areas are affected.

At Vista Place Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre we are trained in orthopaedic assessment and vestibular assessment in order to assess all of the possible areas that can cause persistent symptoms. Based on the findings and in conjunction with the athlete’s physician, school &/or workplace we will make a treatment plan that promotes a resolution of symptoms and a full return to function.

Return to play decisions will be made by the athlete’s physician.

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